Monday, November 15, 2010

T-shirt Quilt for Mom

As much as I first want to make the Reverse-Applique Swing Skirt out of the Alabama Stitch Book with the above brown and wine red jersey knit fabrics...

I must first finish a t-shirt quilt for my mom of all the t-shirts from her travels. I hope to finish it for her for Christmas, but that might be pushing it. Above are the fabrics and the rough cut prepared t-shirts. I will post pictures as I go to give anyone interested an idea of what is involved. As you can see, I first rough cut the t-shirts and iron a lightweight fusible on the back. Be careful in the ironing as the design on front can melt or bleed ink. Next I will mark the size of the square directly on the front including the seam allowance. Pictures will follow after I do that.

On a side note: Thank-you for looking at my blog! It is amazing that someone in Portugal or Germany or Croatia or Australia actually looked here! What a small world it is. : ) My blog is not the most interesting yet.... but I am working on it.

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