Friday, November 26, 2010


I started working on the squares for the t-shirt quilt. It got me thinking that I haven't posted how my mom is doing. Her progress has been amazing. She has had 3 chemo treatments and her C125(?) count is normal now! She goes in for a chemo treatment next week. This time around has not been as hard as I thought it would be. She is familiar with what to expect so it makes it a bit easier on her. Plus they have all her meds figured out so she is not having so many side effects. Yea!
So I decided to get working on the t-shirt quilt I am making her. I had some time on Thanksgiving to sew. Pictures are of the progress I am making.
First I mark the square on the t-shirt that has been backed with interfacing. Then I line a border on the line with right sides facing. Sew that on and then trim the excess t-shirt to the seam allowance. This keeps the t-shirt from stretching.

I keep adding the borders to the squares and trimming the t-shirt until I have a quilt block.

I will be working on more today. I only finished 2 yesterday with all the Thanksgiving cooking. But I am excited to keep working on it to get it done for my mom's Christmas present!

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