Friday, March 4, 2011

Jewelry, chicken coops, and other things....

So much is happening in my world right now. We are seriously exploring the idea of adding backyard chickens to our life! I spend a lot of time each day looking at coop designs online of what other people have come up with. The following is a coop that I really like alot. We are hoping to use recycled materials to build our coop.
Chicken coop

I have also been creating now that my jewelry space is cleaned up and organized. I made these earrings so that I could remove the bead dangle and change them out depending on what I am wearing. I really like the ear wires and will be making more dangles for them.

My son has been creating also. We went to the Flower and Garden show a couple weeks ago when he was off for mid-winter break and he made a dirt head with hose, grass seed and soil. It is kinda cute!

I have also been working through my yarn stash and have made a triangle scarf and a knit hat. I'm not gonna share the pictures of those. I put those pictures on ravelry

Lastly: I won something on a blog giveaway!
I won this lovely pincushion on Crazy Lanea's blog! It looks perfect on my sewing table. Thank-you Lanea! I am gonna have to have a giveaway sometime in the future.

The weekend is here. Enjoy!


  1. Hey! I'm liking your blog a lot. Your son has the creative bug that you do. I like his dirt/grass head. That's fun. Your mug rugs are cool too. I'll be back.


  2. Thank-you Jody! I always enjoy your blog. That's why I have it listed to check each day or whenever I get online. The grass is really growing on my son's dirt/grass head, but it is growing straight up and bugging my son to death! I'll have to let him give it a trim soon I guess. : ) Take care.